Thursday, October 18, 2012

The fruits of a booze cruise

As a good Norwegian citizen I occasionally take part in the traditional booze cruise where Norwegians go to Sweden for shopping. The government is continuously implementing new taxes and tolls on foreign products so that we can advocate free trade globally while favoring subsidized Norwegian agriculture. This leads to a growth in the cross border trade at the expense of domestic businesses.

So the last time I was over I bought a piece of wild boar steak. These animals have returned to Sweden after having been more or less extinct, and now they many enough to be hunted.

The interesting thing about this steak is the absence of detailed information on the packaging. Instead, they use a QR code to link the consumer with their web site. So that is where I went and found a recipe that I used. And the verdict from the family was that this was tasty, so the next time I go over I will look for more.

It is reasonable to expect these animals to appear i Norway as well. At the moment they are not welcome, but I do not think the government will be able to regulate them back over the border.

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