Monday, August 30, 2010

Washing cowberry clean!

I have found a new application of cowberry. In a shop at Fossheim Hotell they sold Cowberry soap (Tyttebærsåpe). I just had to have one. But will it ever be used or will it remain a weird thing to keep?

Anyway, the producer is Alveland (Elf-land).

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Recycling a CRT for the third time

Remember my visit to Kenya. Well, one of the things that took place at CFSK was that computer CRT screens were given a third life.

Two lives comes from the use by the original buyer as a computer screen, and then recycling the same screen for kids in schools in Kenya.

But what happens when the circuitry is "burned"? Well, at CFSK they discovered that the CRT tube may still be functional. So they rebuild the screen to a television set. The cost of this can compete with buying a regular TV-set, so there even was an economic incentive!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Juvenile lizard

Isn't this cute? It is a juvenile lizard that fell into a ditch I was digging. I had to help it out, and it either found my hand pleasantly warm or was perfectly terrified. So it stayed in my hand for some time. Maybe I even got a new friend.

I tried to get some android footage, as in this post, but I wasn't any good at operating my mobile with one hand.

This happened at my cabin. They are all over the place when the weather is nice. I have handled adult lizards in the past, as have my kids and their friends, but this small one was a new experience.

Whale in Midsund

Eating whale meat is a matter of controversy. But when I grew up it was a frequent type of meal, it was cheap, nutritious and tasty.

So when on vacation this summer we stumbled across whale meat being served in Midsund, as we were driving from Molde to Ålesund.
My youngest and I tried it, and it was delicious. He liked it and I had flash back from my childhood days.

A can of DDT

I found this can of DDT - and it is full of a clear, water-like liquid. If it is the real stuff, I wonder why it was not used. Maybe the warning "feilaktig bruk av dette preparat kan medføre alvorlige forgiftninger og dødsfall" (wrong use can lead to serious poisoning and death) kept the owner from using it.

Discussing my find with other people I discovered that some younger people do not know DDT and its reputation. To find out more I suggest Wikipedia as a starting point.
As I do not want to remain responsible for this pesticide, I have contacted the proper authorities to find out how to dispose of it. One resource I found while googling suggested burying the stuff, but that was an outdated American approach.

I would like to keep the bottle though - it would look nice in a kitchen!