Thursday, November 24, 2016

I'm a Winner

For six weeks I have participated in a program for launching new startups organized by ProblemSolvers. This was a 6-week program where I and 13 other participants generated and evaluated business ideas using Lean methodologies. Working full time we were learning by doing, hopefully "doing the right thing" and getting used to discard ideas easily before investing too much in them.

Me and my colleagues Tito, Mats and Martin.
In the end teams were formed that should pitch one of their ideas for a panel from the Oslo startup scene. Our project was a solution for employing fractional financing techniques in the electrical power market. This market in Norway will soon be exposed to automatic metering that may lead to prices for electricity varying from hour to hour, or even oftener. The price for electricity will reflect the demand at any point in time, so that consumers loose predictability of their electricity bill.

Anyway, we ended up winning the pitching competition. The judges in the panel found our presentation to be the most promising in terms of succeeding. So the plan is to toil on, initially in offices sponsored by Tøyen Startup Village.