Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hoe - hoe - hoe

Christmas is comming close! But this hoe is something different. In Norwegian it is called "krafse" and the tray under it is a "krafsebrett", i.e. a hoetray. Both of them are invaluable to a garden owner. The picture is from the other day when I was spreading a truckload of gravel in my driveway and other places around the house.

Too bad I agreed to share the gravel with one of my neighbours, since I discovered that I could have spent it all myself.

How fresh is the fish? - revisited

I gave a talk called How fresh is the fish? once. It didn't actually answer the question.

However, things have moved forward. Of course, an experienced fish buyer can judge the freshness of a fish by looking at it, feeling it and so on. But there are other sources of relevant information. For example, the Matis research institute in Iceland has made findings of "undesirable substances" available online. Another, similar resource is Mareano, run by the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research.

Of course, fish moves around in the oceans, but if the fish we buy carried information about where it was caught, we consumers could look up what to expect in terms of harmful chemicals etc. But that wouldn't keep industry from polluting, would it?

Friday, October 15, 2010

The rain in Croatia stays mainly in Dalmatia

Have you ever seen? After a week of sailing in Croatia we had a night in the city of Trogir late in September. A heavy rainstorm happened to be visiting at the same time. From what I heard from the locals they weren't used to such intense rain.

I got thoroughly soaked in the narrow streets. The city was from long before cars etc. so the streets could just about let two people pass each other. When the water came flooding off the roofs, the streets turned into rivers, and there I was.

It all ended with a case of Bronchitis after comming home.