Sunday, January 15, 2012

Autodestruct in progress

In Norway kids learn about word processing, spreadsheets and so on in school. When I asked my own kids about what they think about this topic, their enthusiasm was limited.They knew the stuff from before, and the teacher is not always up to date.

But it appears that this may not be a problem only in Norway. During the weekend I read the report "Shut down or restart?" from the Royal Society. This report is about how ICT-training in British schools has become a threat agains Britain's future as a technology leader. It also suggests that the topic should be replaced by
  • digital literacy
  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology.
This may sound wild! What kind of school can expect to give pupils insight into programming, data structures, building software solutions etc, in addition to learning them how to edit in a word processor?

Well, here comes the exiting news - the UK department of Education has decided that ‘Harmful’ ICT curriculum set to be dropped this September to make way for rigorous Computer Science.

What will a country like Norway do to keep up with the advantage the UK will get in technology, innovation and business? Nothing, I fear!

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