Monday, March 11, 2013

Rabinowitz' clothes hanger / kleshenger

This is no mystery - its the top of a clothes hanger, or "kleshenger" as it is called in Norwegian. But the fascinating thing is that if you google the name of the producer - Rabinowitz - together with the word "kleshenger" then you get at least 300 hits.

Why this interest for a clothes hanger from a mens' textile producer on the west coast of Norway. Well, wikipedia's entry on Moritz Rabinowitz describes a man that was one of Nazi Germany's ideological enemies.

If I take the clothes hanger out of use, then what should I do with this relic. It symbolizes the fight against fascism now and then, from the aryan, latin and iberian fascism of the 1940s, to the present day fascism in secular and religious wrapping.

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