Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A can of DDT

I found this can of DDT - and it is full of a clear, water-like liquid. If it is the real stuff, I wonder why it was not used. Maybe the warning "feilaktig bruk av dette preparat kan medføre alvorlige forgiftninger og dødsfall" (wrong use can lead to serious poisoning and death) kept the owner from using it.

Discussing my find with other people I discovered that some younger people do not know DDT and its reputation. To find out more I suggest Wikipedia as a starting point.
As I do not want to remain responsible for this pesticide, I have contacted the proper authorities to find out how to dispose of it. One resource I found while googling suggested burying the stuff, but that was an outdated American approach.

I would like to keep the bottle though - it would look nice in a kitchen!

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